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Monte Rei’s Golf Tips – December 2021

Here’s a simple tip to keep you moving throughout the cooler winter months.

It is easy to lose your full turn and shorten the swing when the weather is cooler and we are wearing more clothing. This is a simple reminder of how we want the shoulders to turn, keeping the rotation while maintaining your posture.

You can now turn into your finish by releasing the pressure off your right foot and the feeling you’re now on your toes of this foot with your spikes facing away from you.

The key to this is not to over stretch and instead build the turn as it feels more comfortable. If you’re less flexible you can lift the left heel slightly off the ground and allow the hips to turn more if the backswing.

Turning your shoulders correctly and maintaining your posture is a key to good ball striking and then the added bonus of gaining more distance.

I suggest you try to do this regularly whether you are playing or not (at least once day!) and you will see the difference in the feeling of the swing and moving in a more powerful way, helping your game!

1. First start by standing upright, place a golf club or alignment stick across your chest ensuring it is touching both shoulders.

2. Now try and make a full shoulder turn to at least 90° or as much as your shoulders and your hips will allow. Do this both for your backswing and through/forward swing.

3. Next get into your golf posture and turn the left end of the stick away from you as if it was your back swing. Make sure the stick does not lose contact with your chest and shoulders.

4. Now turn the right end of the stick down towards the ball while maintaining your posture, you will see my head has turned past the ball helping me turn through the ball.

5. Once the stick goes past the where the ball would be, you will feel the left hip stretching and left side getting longer into your finish.