Guest Chef Event with... Henrique Sá Pessoa

11th & 12th August 2017

Following the success of last year's Guest Chef Events, and to celebrate Monte Rei's 10th Anniversary, we are pleased to welcome this initiative once again, this time with Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa from Michelin Starred Restaurant Alma in Lisbon.

Henrique Sá Pessoa is a highly regarded Chef in Portugal who represents the new generation of Portuguese Chefs. Having discovered late his passion for the culinary world he decided to travel the world to learn new techniques and different tastes. Author of culinary books and a host of culinary TV shows, Chef Sá Pessoa embraced a new challenge when opening his signature Restaurant Alma wining the Michelin Star in 2017.
Together with Vistas' Chef Albano Lourenço, the two Chefs will prepare a unique 6-course menu allowing our guests to travel through the different flavours of our country's rich and diverse cuisine.

Al-Xam, Espumante Bruto, Aperitifs and a 6-Course Dinner (beverages are not included): € 90,00 per person  

Al-Xam, Espumante Bruto, Aperitifs, 6-Course Dinner and Wine Pairing (Plansel - Dorina Lindemann): € 120,00 per person  


For Info and Reservations (limited seating available): 

281 950 950 |