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Jack Nicklaus

For many, quite simply the greatest golfer of all time and for others the leading golf course designer of his generation, Jack Nicklaus the legend has created a golfing masterpiece that he can be justifiably proud of and you can enjoy.

The name Nicklaus alone transcends dominance as a player, and extends far beyond Jack himself. Today, Nicklaus also stands for superior golf course design, a result of Jack's more than three decades as a renowned golf course designer.

The result of that dedication and ingenuity is hundreds of spectacular golf courses worldwide. Yet as unique as each design is, they all share the Nicklaus' philosophy of working closely with clients, enhancing the natural environment and creating courses that are both challenging and enjoyable for players of all levels.

Jack explains his golf design philosophy:

When I design a golf course, my top priority is finding the features such as native trees, grade variations or natural wetlands that can enhance shot values or scenically frame holes. I let the environmental surroundings shape the golf holes, so they fit the terrain. I never try to force an idea on to a piece of land.

Monte Rei will be no exception, adding,

It is always our goal to design the best golf course possible, and if by doing so here at Monte Rei we create the best golf course in Portugal everyone will be pleased. 

 Jack Nicklaus, 2010.